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Horoscope Cancer 2020

Opposition always has to do with relationships or with issues that could arise with other people. Since Saturn is serious and sober and will currently be trying to prevent or delay much, this could be annoying. But an unfriendly and unapproachable face is not so good for Cancers since they are always used to a lot of optimism.

Horoscope 2020 for Aries:

And it is getting much better. Saturn in Aquarius will form a quincunx aspect that indicates a reorientation.


If something should be changed in life now, you should consider getting started, because this would be helpful for plans. The most energetic time for Mars occurs from mid-May to late June Trigon , as well as in the first days of January also trine. Now you feel more healthy than usual and will be persuasive, so with a lot of momentum, much can succeed. Challenging time could appear from the middle of February to the end of March opposition , and from the beginning of July to the end of the year square. There are incredibly energetic forces in this opposition and squaring times that could drive us.

It is better to be reasonably restrained and not too aggressive, otherwise anger may break out openly. To sport off every now and then would be adequate compensation. In terms of strength, you should not over strain yourself, since that could damage your health. The very best time for Mercury will occur from May 28th to August 5th Mercury in Cancer , which will be unusually long time this year and should definitely be exploited. However, note that from June 18th until July 12th, Mercury is declining, so now you will have to be very careful and work precisely so that no mistakes happen.

More good times in the communication area will be active from February 3rd to April 10th Trigon. Again, Mercury will retrograde in the period from February 17th to March 10th. The second favorable trine time will be displayed from September 27th to the end of November, and here again, is the 3rd. Be careful during Mercury retrograding, from October 14th to November 3rd. Mercury 's beneficial Sextile will be available from April 27th to May 11th and from August 20th to September 5th.

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Who will be able to take advantage in Mercury's intense favorable periods, will achieve good results. The most intense time for love is indicated from August 7th to September 6th Venus in Cancer , which should be intensively experienced, after all, it will last a month long. Further good Venus times with Trigon advantages will be available from January 13th to February 7th and from November 21st to December 15th.

The beneficial Sextile of Venus will be displayed from March 5th through April 3rd and October 2nd through October 28th. Have fun and enjoy your time with the good-willed Venus! Yearly Horoscope. How will the year evolve for the 12 zodiac signs from the astrological point of view? Read everything about love, work, and health — all essential astrological data. The Year of the Moon. Each astrologically new year is always under the auspices of a part Annual Horoscope Aries.

Arieses will have to overcome so many challenges in From Jupi Annual Horoscope Taurus. Tauruses are looking forward to a positive Jupiter in ; much wi Annual Horoscope Gemini.

For Gemini, a reorientation is planned for Although Jupiter i Annual horoscope Cancer. The moon will stand in the Zodiac sign Cancer so that the lunar yea Annual Horoscope Leo. The optimistic Leos master the difficulties of the lunar year with Annual Horoscope Virgo. The year will be positive for Virgo.

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Jupiter will be favorable Annual Horoscope Libra. Libras should not exaggerate in - too much ambition can hurt Annual Horoscope Scorpio. Annual horoscope Sagittarius. Annual Horoscope Capricorn. Annual Horoscope Aquarius. Da sich Jupiter b Annual Horoscope Pisces. About the author. Kurt Franz wrote the annual horoscope.

He, himself has the sun in t Yearly horoscope Your Health can be predicted with certain houses of your kundali. Know in advance what health problems you might face. April to June No major health issue is likely to catch up with you. However, you need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. You need to either do some exercises at home regularly in morning or go to gym for work out regularly to remain fit enough for the day. Your question deserves an answer. Get answer to your problem with ask a question report.

Cancer Horoscope 2020: A Year of Freedom And Discovery

July to September Some minor health issue may trouble you here. However, do not neglect minor looking health issue and treat the same with due remedial measures promptly to save from further complication. There is a possibility about getting injured on upper part of the body. You need to remain careful in this regard. Middle aged and above need to take due care about nagging old health issue.

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Follow diet instruction of your physician strictly. Want to make your life better for the year ? Get full insights of your year with our personalised year head overview report. October to December Planetary movement here spells well for your general well being. No major health issue is to concern you here. You need to do some physical activity regularly in morning to remain physically fit enough.

Take due measures to keep digestive system in order.

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Middle aged and above need to remain much careful about nagging old health issue. Have a regular check up to keep tab on variation and then due measures as advised by physician to keep things under control. Make your free of confusion. No idea which way your career will turn for the year ?

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We can help you with our constructive year ahead highlights service. Note: This is a deduction on the basis of Vedic Astrology, on transit effect of favorable and malefic planets, affecting the zodiac sign Rashis as per transit of planets. This may not be considered a conclusive result. Consulting a Medical specialist is absolutely essential in case of any problem. Planetary movement at the beginning does not sound well for you on health front.

cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health
cancer february 2020 horoscope health Cancer february 2020 horoscope health

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