Daily tarot january 18 2020

What is Hindu Monthly Panchang or Hindu Calendar?

Pluto is the lord of destruction and rebirth. Pluto is almost back to the position it was in the French revolution and the US.

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I have used a time of pm Local time in Paris for when the fire broke out. There may be different times.

Notre dame Fire april 15 and construction chart Paris was originally founded by Celts around BC which the Romans called Lutecia Parisorium named after the Parisii, who were worshippers of the Goddess Isis so they had come from the East. She has hundreds of names and aspects.

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Isis at 1 degree Virgo conjunct to the Moon. Isis a is trine to Uranus planet of revolutionary change and chaos. Sun was at 18 Virgo in opposite where Neptune is now in Pisces.

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This indicates an element of illusion or secrecy in both of these events. All is not what it seems is all I am going to say. Uranus is now trining where Mars was -both these planets symbolize fire and sudden shocking energy. This is a powerful connection to that past sad tragic event. Venus is also on the Descendant in this chart. Jupiter is Stationary Retrograde and very powerful, Jupiter governs religions, and expansion at 24 degrees symbolizes the fire.

Black Holes are themselves images of the Great Void womb of the Cosmic Mother which we have all just witnessed for the first time last week. The church as most all Catholic churches are built atop ancient pagan sites which always had energy or ley lines under them thus exerting powerful energies which pagans could feel and sense.

The Church is atop an ancient Temple of Jupiter. Jupiter rules religion and expansion with Sagittarius and Pisces with spirituality and faith. They are reinforcing each others elements of destruction and rebirth. They just linked days ago.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The symbolism is obvious. Pluto is also getting ready to station Rx on the 24th at 23 degrees. Sabian symbol for 24 degrees is: A woman entering a convent.

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  7. To go into our wounds to heal the collective wounds of the Aries patriarchy warrior. The MOON is our emotions. Some people are saying that Nostradamus predicted this fire in a quatrain. Joan was burned at the stake by the Catholic Patriarchy as a heretic and the church burning is karma for that.

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    The South Node is the karmic past the sins of the fathers. They are all on their own nodes. The structure burned for over 8 hours and is being contained.

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