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Tea and coffee is available from These days have proved popular with both Non Members and Members alike and we look forward to seeing many of you there. Families, Families. By Mike Harding. It was wonderful to meet up again in such lovely surroundings and celebrate the success of our venture. While we may be a small family within the world-wide astrological community, we have a clear presence and identity as a professional body with a growing, and well deserved reputation.

One suggestion the original Committee mooted was that each member should contribute an annual paper on some aspect of their work for a possible APA Journal. A suggestion too far, I think, given the pressures of time, and wisely the thought was dropped. So I suggest a research project that draws on the data we may all already have on our computers. Major discoveries have resulted from such small samples. Again, he used small samples with low statistical outcomes.

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But both repeated their research dozens of times with different groups, and while each individual test scored low in probability the overall results confirmed a clear message. Nor would we have to say why any persistent effect exists, for this is again another matter, which science often misunderstands. A frequent argument against astrology is that no causal theory can be proposed. But when scientists search for a cause they invariably ignore the fact that causality is not a law which nature obeys, but the form of words in which science states its propositions about nature, and all too often is a shadow cast onto the very phenomena it seeks to investigate.

I offer a start with some examples from my own family, which I am continuing to explore. As I am interested in midpoints, perhaps because by definition they include a cyclical harmonic relationship. Figure 1 shows some of the midpoints in the male line, from my great-great grandfather to his great-great grand-daughters. The majority are from timed data, but omit the lunar midpoints when no time is known. I was told by Charles Harvey that at the time of his death John Addey was studying for an MA in that subject as he felt that research into this area mirrored similar findings astrology.

The same holding true for many disease-related genes that are not expressed within an individual case. In terms of this project, I would hope that participants feel free to explore different ways of demonstrating correlations. So long as there is a constancy of presentation within the chosen method which accords with the demands of basic research, the field is open.

If there is a case to be made using quite different arrangements, then feel free to make it. And also feel free to use publicly available data if your own collection is small.

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If we manage to generate sufficient groups of interesting data then we could think about an article in the Astrological Association Journal , or even a small publication of our own. I would be happy to coordinate any findings, so if you are interested please get in touch with me at mikeharding ndirect. This is an interesting study and one that would be good to continue. I have noted in my family, the coincidence of certain elements featuring strongly across four generations, namely the fire and air elements.

As with many things in life, I keep meaning to investigate and work on Jigsaw to see what degrees, midpoints, signs are highlighted throughout our family but so far By Patricia Godden. Reviewed by Victor Olliver. Students of astrology are guided through the actions of ten planets in each of the twelve chart houses - fans of voguish if not obscure asteroids and planetoids or abstract geometric points such as Black Moon Lilith may need to look elsewhere. In addition, we are treated to an introduction to spiritual takes on houses and planetary placements.

As Anderson points out, this theme is usually confined to the lunar nodes and perhaps the 4 th , 8 th and 12 th houses. To Dr Godden however, the potential for deeper or higher life lessons subsists in every chart factor, beyond described earthly terrain such as money, property, love or whatever. By Julian Venables. Our hero is not him, though, but a young man called Tom whose finely-reined libido steers him towards pretty Martha who in turn introduces him to Lilly.

The seer has already foretold — because Venus is in exaltation one May Day - that a young suitor of hers could very well turn out to be the astrologer apprentice he seeks. Your website has no contact number for any issues related to the service provided. Weather you are really trying to help someone, it's a disservice to manipulate customers in total costs. I was concerned about what was on it, and stupid me called a phycic line. I dont know how in the world they got any personal information about my family and what they are like, hoe they act, good or bad but it darn near cost me my job and my family, not to mention there are no "laws" in astroligy only leads to committing crimes that was never meant to exist.

Be aware of Cecilia, she kept emailing me for a while and I really though she would help me with financial crisis as she promised on her emails, but what she sent me after a few days was a computerised, fake and worse ever report. I emailed her back straight away and asked for refund but she asking for more money.

Hi all please be aware, that if you are not happy with provided materials you will never get refund. Adrian promised me to help to find out my life purpose and many other promises, but instead he send me useless advises suitable for anybody to brain wash. He is practising the money extortion from naive people who belives he is genuine one on recomendations made by his own staff.

I paid only for 3 months of Transit period to test him. I totally disappointed, I ask refund money, but he and his staff pretend to be deaf to my request. They should know that dishonestly made money will not bring them wealth. I had a reading from Adrian Ross Duncan about a year ago and it was the worst reading I ever had.

He was condescending, judgemental, and extremely arrogant. When I played back his recording to other fellow astrologers they were in awe of his lack of professionalism. It's hard to believe that he continues to practice in this way, I can't imagine him getting a lot of repeat business with such demeaning tactics. After sharing my experience, others who knew of him remarked about how he didn't much care for female clients and that he did better working with men. I have to be honest, I've never heard of a sexist astrologer but apparently they do exist.

I have had a computerised report from Adrian Ross Duncan and it is very obviously fake. If he allows these reports to come out in his name then he is not doing himself any favours - trust is a fragile thing. I also visited his site and was not able to relate in anyway to the readings. I love Oscar and Jonathan Cainers site as I think what they post is spot on, however I would not pay for reports anymore from them as these are also computerised and vague - no where near as patronising though. Any astrologer or Tarot reader who offers a free introductory reading to the whole Internet is fake.

That includes TrustedTarot. Supposedly "she" shuffles her cards "once a day. When you give your email address, emails come begging for "donations" in small amounts even before you get your "free reading.

Diana astrologer predicted huge event on day of her death

Thanks Sylviasky for your help with defining the best astrology site's,after reading your article's I now get it we all have a bright and dark side. Excellent article, and thank you for clearing up what is going on woth Adrian Duncan. I am a serious student of astrology and a huge fan of Adrian Ross Duncan whose software I have used for years.

His interpretations are excellent. I had been wondering what was up with him using that fake astrology answers thing! The tone of it was so completely off, not like him at all! He is among the best in the business. If you are new to astrology and have never had a reading, one of his reports can be quite meaningful. Just remember to preface each paragraph with:"this factor, considered in isolation, tends to have the following effect.

As the writer explains, only a live person can do the synthesis. With that in mind, Adrian's chapter on Moon square Saturn made me cry. That good. Also, his chapters on Mars, with the added sexual dimension, is superb. And he hits the nail on the head quite often with mundane astrology. Go to adtro wow and see what he had to say anout Donald and Hilary.

Diana Ross - astrology chart

She keeps asking me for more money and claims she's had vision about me and my name appeared to her in the sky. Now I payed Adrian Ross Duncan.

He dose give me a reading. But his reading always simple and the more you want to know yourself the more you have to pay. I'm feeling I get hooked. Guys don't come to him unless you are millionaire. Wondering is there some astrologists are not greedy and real? So far I still haven't receive anything. All she send to me is the outline and I'm feeling she is a cheater. How can I get my payment back. So far I don't get her response.

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Is she disappeared? Please see this article with my email conversation with Adrian Ross Duncan about this very concern. So many people asked about him I finally contacted him:. Do you have any idea if Adrian Ross Duncan is fake? He is asking me to buy his books, but I'm not sure if I should. Cecilia is fake. See the terms of service that call her readings "for entertainment only. What do you think about exceptional Ron. The older guy with white grey hair.

diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
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diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology

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