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Your health might be dependent on the work environment to an extent. Too much stress and energy drain at workplace can affect your health. Pisces as Tenth House, brings to you difficulty in choosing the career path and settling down.

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

You have several career options on your mind and find it hard to select one. You want to do something that either helps people at large or that lets you express your emotions and feelings to the public or something that is creative. You ultimately choose a career as per your emotional mood. While making a career choice you need to be more practical and reasonable. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer. These signs are also known as the Trinity of the Air Signs. First House in Gemini makes you a good conversationalist. You love to talk about almost everything under the sun and rarely stay silent.

You have a quick mind, giving you the tendency to jump from one topic to another without going much in depth. Your knowledge is full of random information. You know how to talk in and out of almost anything. Sociable and always smiling, you hate boredom and solitude. You are the one who starts intellectual debates in your group, just for fun. Fifth House in Libra gives you a flair of creativity and artistic talent.

Initially, you might not realize your talent.

Only when people notice, you tend to take care of this aspect. Charming and Romantic, you are quite lucky in the department of romance and affairs. You support your children, are fair towards them and even spoil them.

Hobbies that involve being creative with a group of people attract you, like Dramatics, Group Dance etc. With Ninth House in Aquarius, you have unconventional beliefs and are very progressive in your views related to religion and spirituality.

What Is A Rising Sign?

You do not believe anything unless scientifically proven. You prefer travelling to learn new things and meet new people and social groups. Some may even find the strange cults and rituals interesting, and are curious about them. These houses are the Earth Houses that denote stability, reliability and devotion. Virgo as Fourth House, makes you very particular about your family and home. You maintain structure and order at home and like everything and everyone to be in their respective places.

The 12 Houses of the Horoscope Wheel

You can be overly critical towards your family and home, is they are not up to your standards of perfection. If not properly organized, you may get uncomfortable. As you mature, you become more analytical and intellectual towards home and family.

Moon in the 1st house in Gemini for Gemini ascendant in Astrology

With Eighth House in Capricorn, you have sense of responsibility towards money and finances. You are very cautious when dealing with money, making investments or entering a partnership. You do not like to borrow money or to be in debt. But at some point of time, you might have to handle some other person's finances though it might concern you. You have good financial ethics and do not like frauds and cheating. Twelfth House in Taurus makes you crave security in life, even though it might not be quite apparent.

Finances and future cause worry and anxiety in you. Your health is affected by the memories and events of past that keep haunting you. You may even have fear about your life. When comfortable, you are calm, grounded and hard-working.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

This was your approach towards various areas of life as per your Ascendant Astrology. If you like it, share with your friends, family and network so that they also find out more about you and themselves. Related Articles: Find out what kind of a woman, a man desires according to his Horoscope Reading. The planet may be weakened and have to overcome more challenges than it would in other signs.

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Gemini, the twins, keeps presenting choices, which makes it difficult for Jupiter to find the answer it seeks. A possible misapplication is giving too much meaning Jupiter to a simple fact Gemini. When the planet of "more" is in the sign of information, it's possible to have data overdose and lose one's sense of proportion. The meaning that's found by way of Jupiter is a compass for our aim or aspiration. Another peccadillo for Jupiter in mutable changeable Gemini is a wildly erratic compass needle.

Gemini's curious nature is the guide, but the attention on a particular idea could be short-lived.

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This can be frustrating if you're wanting to settle into a singular career path or become an authority on a topic. And it can lead to others wondering if you've got staying power. A way to turn that around is to gravitate to life's work that has a lot of variety and a steady stream of new characters to meet. What about nature's messages? And the ability to pick up messages telepathically? Jupiter's element reveals how it delivers its messages - either through fire, earth, air or water. Jupiter Gemini in its extreme could mean being super plugged-in, with multiple inputs in play at the same time television, internet, live person.

You could fall into the trap of being hooked on your device, even when out in public. You're wired to be a translator of lots of data. But keep the big picture in mind, and be alert to messages that don't come by way of man-made technologies. Your luck often comes from meeting new people, and having spontaneous chats, along the way. Being part of a neighborhood with familiar faces is one of life's joys. Your siblings or cousins could be allies and seem at times more like friends.

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  5. gemini first house astrology Gemini first house astrology
    gemini first house astrology Gemini first house astrology
    gemini first house astrology Gemini first house astrology
    gemini first house astrology Gemini first house astrology
    gemini first house astrology Gemini first house astrology

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