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Be sure to tell him just looking at his body is a wonderful turn-on for you; the Pisces man has less vanity than most signs and may be surprised to hear you say this! Although he may not appear to need it, if you bolster his self-confidence in the bedroom he will turn into a dream lover for you! A lush tropical island resort would be the perfect locale to seduce your Pisces beloved because he will feel refreshed and uninhibited near bodies of water.

Bring along your Polaroid camera Pisces rules photography to capture some of the fun.

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Wearing only a thin T-shirt and string bikini bottom, dare him to follow as you run under the falls. Let yourself become totally drenched, hair and all. Do all this quickly to capture the element of surprise and allow him a moment or two to stare at you in your clingy, now see-though T and skimpy bottom, laughing and beckoning him to join you.

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Do you honestly not know how this scene ends? How To Handle Him When trying to persuade a Pisces man of anything, do not use facts or logic; appeal to his emotions and intuition. Things To Do, Gifts To Buy An ideal evening to a Pisces man would be to have dinner in an exotic Indian or Asian restaurant, and have a double espresso afterwards in a tiny, dark patisserie, debating a particular moral or ethical issue until the sun comes up. New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone.

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Pisces man is dreamy, romantic and very sentimental in the matters of the heart. With him, you just might behold the sublime power of love. The problem, however, is that most of his fantasies and fancies will sound unrealistic and bizarre.

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The Pisces man in love is seldom direct in his approach. He contemplates a lot, drowning in deep and mystical thoughts. This way he is rather indecisive in most of his action. But he is very creative, artistic and imaginative. Because he needs to give and receive love to feel whole, Pisces men often jump into relationships that may not be healthy.

If you engage in intimate experiences with a Pisces man, expect him to want to please you. When you think of Pisces in the bedroom, conjure up images of submissiveness. If you are connected to a Pisces male, you may need to talk with him if he puts up resistance to your pleasing him.

In many ways, the idea of receiving pleasure from others is an anathema to Piscean way of life. I have been told by several who are romantically connected to Pisces men that they have three specific zones of vulnerability. Pisces men are drawn to mysterious people. Because they operate on an intuitive and empathic plain, they strive to understand those who they interact with.

Finally, Piscean guys are drawn to strong, dominant type personas.

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According to legend, Pisces men are particularly vulnerable when in the presence of their aquamarine birthstone. A Pisces man is compatible with most all zodiac signs.

Some signs are thought to be terrible matches for Pisces. Men who are Pisces need to pay attention to their health. Given there abundance of concern for others, it makes sense. There exist several myths linked to Pisces men. Below is a poll concerning Pisces males. Which trait most represents Pisces men? If you want to know more about Pisces men, I recommend getting something that includes other signs so that you can get a holistic view. Lots of insight in this read with an excellent window into the Piscean male mind and other signs.

As I mentioned above, I am not a psychic nor an astrologer. If you are looking for this type of service, there are plenty on the web. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope what you have reviewed here helps you to better understand the Pisces man. Sagittarius man in love and sex. Trending News: Binge watching T. V may the increase risk for colon cancer Do you spend hours streaming television shows on Netflix or Crackle?

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Are your weekends spent sitting on the couch watching Hulu? Do entire […]. Table of Contents The good and bad on Gemini Men1. He bores quickly2. He will focus on you in bed5. Male Taurus Positive Traits Male Taurus Negative Traits Taurus Man Background 4. Taurus Man as a Friend6. Taurus Men: Career and Money 7.

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horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
horoscope pisces man Horoscope pisces man
Horoscope pisces man

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