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It is not hard to imagine the devastation of the friends and families who have waited three decades for justice. Thirty years in which they have lost further loved ones to the events of that day in April And still, apparently, no one accountable. Saturn had returned to its original position, accounts were due to be settled, the piper paid and justice seen to be done. And closure is implicit in a Saturn return too.

The Moon, also in Capricorn and applying to Venus, is further evidence of a solid, if not emphatic, result. Also, to my mind, that the Ascendant-descendant axis of the acquittal chart is mirroring the MC-IC axis of the disaster, reinforces that sense of closure, or at least of the matter coming full circle.

There are other important echoes of the events of that day in the chart of this recent, and I believe, final verdict, but for now I want only to draw your attention to two. First, at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, Neptune was stationary-retrograde and on the 28th November, , Neptune was stationary-direct. Second, as the not-guilty verdict was delivered, the position of the Sun at 6 degrees of Sagittarius was exactly opposed to the elevated Jupiter in the chart of the disaster.

Sagittarius is a most philosophical sign, as is Jupiter, its ruler. Duckenfield has almost certainly spent every day of those thirty years, reliving the events at Hillsborough, blaming himself for giving that fateful order and wishing he could rewind time.

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His life has been ruined. He has suffered the most severe punishment.

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  • And it must be said, he has apologized unreservedly for his actions, admitting in court his mistake directly led to the deaths of all 96 victims. Even if some people forgive him, he will never forgive himself. The experience of closure can be elusive.

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    Sometimes what we believe would provide closure fails to do so; we go on grieving regardless of confessions, apologies and explanations. Time allows us to learn to live with tragedy and loss, even if we never forget and never wholly get over our grief. But, if we can muster acceptance that there is no more to be done, we can start to live the rest of our lives, gradually emerging from under the shroud of anger, despair and outrage.

    The world knows what happened that day. The world looks on in dismay at the institutions that have stood in the way of justice.

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