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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 8th House in Astrology

In the Candima Sutta and the Suriya Sutta, Rahu attacks Chandra the moon deity and Surya the sun deity before being compelled to release them by their recitation of a brief stanza conveying their reverence for the Buddha. The Buddha responds by enjoining Rahu to release them, which Rahu does rather than have his "head split into seven pieces". The verses recited by the two celestial deities and the Buddha have since been incorporated into Buddhist liturgy as protective verses paritta recited by monks as prayers of protection. He is usually depicted with nine heads and a thousand eyes all over his dark-colored body.

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In his four arms he holds a bow and arrow, and often a lasso and victory banner. He is wrathful in appearance, ablaze with fire, and his lower body has the form of a snake. Rahula is a sa , a class of deities associated with the heavenly bodies. Rahu is one of the krodhadevatas lit: Anger divinities.

Rahu is supposed to be a mighty and naughty child of Maya , and thus is associated with dualities resulting from its mayavi illusory nature.

It is a legendary master of deception who signifies cheaters, pleasure seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, insincere and immoral acts. It is the symbol of an irreligious person, an outcast, harsh speech, falsehoods, uncleanliness, abdominal ulcers, bones, and transmigration. Sudden changes in luck and fame are also linked to Rahu. Rahu is considered instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend.

It relates to the Seventh Ray energy of esoteric astrology, as it represents a force displaying all the possibilities within the realm of existence. The astrological text Lal Kitab notes that if Saturn and Mars are conjunct, they can be together considered as Rahu, while if Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, they can together be treated as Ketu.

In Vedic astrology, different systems assign Rahu different signs regarding rulership, exaltation, and debilitation. Rahu is lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Ardra, Svati and Shatabhisha. Rahu is associated with the following: its color is smoky, metal is lead, and its gemstone is honey-colored hessonite.


Mars in Astrology – The Leader

Its element is air and its direction is southwest. Mars in Astrology mainly signifies courage, passion, motivation, stamina, initiation power, and landed property. It is a dense and fiery planet with immense power and thus getting the commander-in-chief status in Vedic Astrology.

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It signifies success in young ages and staying young even in older ages. Courage and Ambition A Read more…. The Moon in Astrology is the second most important planet. It is a luminary planet, like the Sun. The mind is considered as the primary signification of Moon. The element of the Moon is water which at the same time signifies the nurturing energy which is crucial for the well Read more…. The Sun in Astrology represents our soul. It is also important for our solar system and existence in many ways.

To begin with, it holds the vital energetic force which is important to hold all the other planets around its orbit.

Wealth Birth Chart Calculator

For the very same reason, it is called as Read more…. What is directional strength? Venus also noticed that excessive comforts and luxury made them too stagnant and attached to the earthly luxury which was supposed to be their tools not their things of worship. Venus as a spiritual teacher left the luxury untouched and let them realize that after all the earthly desires, there is still something missing, and that is spiritual fulfillment.

Spiritual fulfillment is also represented by the 12th sign Pisces in Astrology where Venus is exalted. So the only way for Venus dominant people to become detached from material world is to experience all the fulfillment of material desires after which they will only realize that something important is missing — inner peace. They truly wish for spiritual fulfillment which an exalted Venus in the natural 12th house perfectly symbolizes. Beauty, charm and physical attractiveness is a blessing form a strong and well-placed Venus.

People who are naturally attractive have an influence of a strong Venus in their birth charts. Venus also signifies products that are related to beauty, such as cosmetics and fashion clothing, which helps to emphasize the beauty of Venus. People with positive Venus in their chart always like to keep themselves and their possessions clean.

Teacher of lost souls

Strong Venus also gives deep interest in poetry and art. People with strong Venus are very artistic and poetic and love to apply it in form of their creations.

A well-placed Venus also blesses us with all kinds of conveyances and luxury. Venus also signifies our dreams related to wealth.

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  6. When you always possess the best vehicles, then it indicates that you definitely have a strong and well-placed Venus in your chart. Venus in a birth chart with the 7th house signifies marriage — it indicates the nature of spouse and marital harmony. If a birth chart possesses a well placed Venus and 7th house lord, then it ensures a happy marriage to the native. Happy marriage also includes feelings of love and passion in a relationship which a good Venus can provide.

    Venus in 12th house, Jupiter or Ketu indicates a spiritual partner. Additionally, it can indicate that the partner will be a foreigner. When Venus receives aspect from Jupiter in a birth chart, it indicates a devoted life partner. Signifies — Sexual pleasures, romance, potency, art, poetry, cinema, dancing, paintings, jewelry, elegance, and devotion. Profession — Jobs related to beauty and fashion. In addition to that, acting, dancing, painting, and interior designer.

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